Malindi Rights Forum was formed in 2006 as a non-profitable organization. Since its formation, MRF has collaborated with various organizations in implementing the following programmes:

  • To enhance the land rights challenge and stop irregular and illegal allocation of land, inclusive of just compensation for lost property, Agriculture crops, brutality and wrongfully confinement which took place during the forceful eviction of people to pave way for the salt investors.
  • To mitigate the degraded environment inclusive of the sea shore
  • To alleviate poverty through Income Generating Activities(IGAS)
  • To enhance labour rights


  1. We advocate for return of illegally acquired land by salt companies and the immediate neighborhood.
  2. We are agitating for the conducive working conditions as per the labour laws in the salt extractive industries through the formation of a vibrant trade union in the salt subsector.
  3. We are promoting environmental rehabilitation and alternative livelihoods for poverty alleviation.
  4. We provide advice to gender based women and children abuses minor cases, we also refer major legal cases to the relevant duty bearers
  5. We sensitize the community through forums and workshops

About Us

Malindi Rights Forum (MRF) is a Human Rights Organization working in Kilifi County Coastal region of Kenya. Our office is currently based in Magarini Sub County. MRF was formed in 2006 as a non-profitable organization.

Our Values

a) Transparence and accountability
b) Patriotism (uzalendo)
c) Professionalism and commitment
d) Inclusiveness and respect for diversity
e) Integrity
f) Justice and fairness
g) Equality, Gender and inter-generational equity

Contact Us

Malindi Rights Forum
Marereni, Kilifi County
Email: malindirightsforum@yahoo.com